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Kanokla is a telecommunications cooperative delivering state-of-the-art broadband and voice services to its local communities in Kansas and Oklahoma. Kanokla is committed to providing consistent, reliable, and personal service that enriches the lives of its customers, keeping them connected to each other and to the larger world. Since the beginning, supporting rural has been a driving factor in the services provided.

The Kanokla scholarship program 1993 for high school seniors, and was later expanded to include students/adults of an accredited college, university, graduate, vocational, technical school. In 2024, Kanokla added four additional scholarships to include Kanokla customers outside of its cooperative footprint.

High School Seniors – The Kanokla Scholarship Program will provide 10 scholarships, yearly, in the amount of $1,000 each. The scholarships are broken down into three categories: Academic Scholarships; Vocational Scholarships; and 2 scholarships selected by random drawing of all eligible scholarship applicants. The minimum Grade Point Average required for eligibility for the High School Senior Scholarships is 2.3. When the Academic and Vocational Scholarship recipients have been selected, all remaining eligible applications will be entered in the random drawing. A student may submit only one application.

Primary emphasis of the Academic and Vocational Scholarships will be placed upon scholastic ability and leadership qualities, with secondary emphasis placed the student’s letter of application.

An applicant must be a Kanokla broadband or landline customer in good standing, who lives within the Kanokla service area or is the dependent of a Kanokla customer.

The Kanokla Scholarship Committee will make the selection of the students to receive the awards.

Scholarship applications will be available online at www.kanokla.com/scholarships. Completed scholarships are due by April 1st. Scholarships can be completed online printed and mailed to 100 Kanokla Ave, Caldwell, Kansas, 67022.

Any scholarship application not completed in its entirety, with all required attachments, will be disqualified.

Students will be selected and notified in April 2024

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