SafeGuard Enterprise

SafeGuard Enterprise covers servers, firewalls, and core routing devices depending on network complexity. The Safeguard program includes Kanokla technician labor but does not include hardware costs in the event of hardware failure. Depending on each customer’s unique business requirements, some level of on-site labor may be included based on the terms of the agreement made. Our IT services can be contract, hourly ($80), or a mixture of both depending on the customer’s unique business needs.


SafeGuard is Kanokla’s network and computer maintenance program that offers customers an easy-to-budget, fixed monthly expense to cover all in-shop repair labor, and remote computer assistance. The program offers different configurations depending on business needs: SafeGuard covers workstation assistance, labor, and an integrated, customer-controlled (if desired) antivirus solution. 

Hosted Voice

Kanokla’s Hosted Voice Service is a rapidly expanding solution we offer for businesses. We customize each voice system based on phone preference, number of seats, call pathways, paging options, fax lines, mobile app options, and customer installation and setup.

Our techs on the job

Our beginning as a rural telephone provider has made us gritty problem-solvers since 1951. Where hard work meets adaptability, Kanokla brings flexible solutions to fit you and your unique business needs. Technology is ever-changing, requiring innovative solutions to stay up-to-date within our own company—which is why you can trust us to keep your business online, secure and future-ready.

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