Possible Scenarios to help you decide what to do with your kanokla.net email

  1. I no longer use Kanokla’s e-mail, but it’s still active. 
    1. We encourage you to double-check your Kanokla.net inbox or folders to ensure that nothing important needs to be saved.
    2. Forward any important emails you find to the email you currently use. 
  1. I still use my Kanokla email, but also have another email that they use as well.
    1. We encourage you to double-check your Kanokla inbox or folders to ensure that nothing important needs to be saved.
      1. Follow the steps found HERE
      2. Contact all parties you still wish to receive emails from and supply them with the new email address. Some of these could be utility companies, memberships like Sam’s club, credit cards, banks, etc. 
  1. Kanokla email is the only email I have.
    1. Due to Hyperoffice closing its services, you have to create a new email address. We recommend Gmail.
    2. Option 1 – You can use these steps to transfer all of your emails to gmail
    3. Option 2 – Search through your folders and inbox and folders and see how many emails you need to save. If there aren’t many, forward them to your new email and contact any services, memberships, or other companies who contact you through email.
    4. Contacts can also be transferred by following the Hyperoffice steps found here

Our Team will be available for any questions you may have. We understand that many kanokla.net emails have been around for a couple decades. You can contact us by phone or through email at support@kanokla.com


  • Why do I have to get a new email address?
    • The software service that hosts the Kanokla emails has ceased to operate, leaving Kanokla few options moving forward. After much consideration, it was decided that moving forward no email services would be offered.
  • Will I be able to access my Kanokla email after April 30th?
    • No. All information will be wiped from their server and it will no longer exist. Nothing will be able to be recovered after that date. 
  • Who do I need to update my email address with?
    • This will vary for all customers. Basically, any company you have an account with and may receive emails from regarding that account.
      • Friends whom you are frequently emailing, utility companies, bank(s), credit card companies,  internet provider, tv provider, cell phone providers, streaming platforms, insurance companies, doctor/hospital, social media accounts, online shopping accounts, church newsletter, etc.
  • I am already fowarding my Kanokla emails to a new account, will that still work after April 30th?
    • Possibly, but cannot guarantee it. We encourage you to go ahead and get the email switched with all companies you wish to receive mail from.
  • Will Kanokla and their support team have access to my new email address moving forward?
    • No. Once a new email address is created Kanokla will not have access to see emails or reset passwords.