KanOkla News

We Will Keep You Connected

KanOkla works constantly to keep all of our customers connected.

In this unusual time of international pandemic and social distancing, we put measures in place to make life easier for our members. As more people stay in place, internet access will be essential to allow our businesses to serve their customers, enable our teachers to instruct, our families to work remotely, our students to learn, and allow all of us to maintain relationships with friends and family.

Celebrating Community Involvement

KanOkla Networks is excited to present the 2020 Community Service Award to Leah Sommerhoff, of Caldwell, Kansas.  This award is based upon the significant extent of a member’s service to their community.  The KanOkla Board of Directors considers the importance of these activities to sustain, enhance, or improve the quality of life or safety, or which assists community growth and sustainability in our member area.

What To Do?

At this point in our world, most of us are home more or maybe A LOT more. Thousands of people are working from home for the first time. Schools in our member areas are closed and switching to distance learning for the remainder of the school year. With events, gatherings and activities canceled and “nonessential businesses” closed, we can’t help but feel a huge gap in our lives right now. To help fill that gap, we have compiled a list of extended free trials that may help fill a little more of our time at home with something different.

Hot Topic: Rural Broadband & FCC'S $20B RDOF

With 6 million homes and small businesses lacking speeds of at least 25 MB, the FCC recently released the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) as the another step in bridging the digital divide. This, along with the USDA Reconnect grants and state programs stepping up to help, should be one more tool in the rural tool belt to create a robust, connected network across America.

Shidler Community Rallies to Help Senior Center

Across the United States, over 1 million older adults take part in services provided by local senior centers.  These senior centers become even more important in rural areas.  The community of Shidler, Oklahoma has been hard at work repairing and improving theirs.  Sarah Mitchell, Director of the Shidler Senior Center, has helped make these changes possible with fundraisers and funding applications.  So far from 2018-2019, $7,500.00 was raised by the community and that amount has been matched by KanOkla’s Matching Funds program.   This has gone to much needed repairs of the building-- the r

Half Pint Acres #ruralbydreams

Chelsea Nickell and her wife, Syndi Boyer, were finding out first-hand how hard it is to buy a home with a little acreage anywhere near Sedgwick County, so they broadened their search.  They looked at close to 100 small farms to purchase before finding the right fit just outside of Caldwell, Kansas.  We are always happy to welcome newcomers to the area, but little did we know how much they would be bringing to town with them!  

2020 Board of Directors

The KanOkla Networks seven member board is dedicated to accomplishing our mission to improve the lives of our members, devoting a substantial amount of time and energy ensuring that the coop continues to grow and make a difference in our communities.  Directors are elected for three year terms by all members on a rotating schedule, and this year two district elections will be held.

Phishing... Not Fun Like FISHING!

Phishing attacks use email or websites to infect you machine with malware and viruses in order to collect personal and financial information. Cybercriminals attempt to lure users to click on a link or open an attachment that infects their computers, creating vulnerability attacks. Phishing emails may appear to come from a real financial institution, e-commerce site, government agency, or any other service, business, or individual. the email may also request personal information such as account numbers, passwords, or Social Security numbers.