KanOkla September Chatter

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  • Smart Farms for Rural Living
  • KanOkla Joins Conversation at the South Central Kansas Regional Convening on Broadband
  • Sevret Angent Stuff
  • Community Corner
  • Community Events
  • KanOkla Networks Committed to Economic Growth

KanOkla August Chatter

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Hot Speeds for a Hot Summer
Back to School Promo!
What is Rural e-Connectivity?
Have you noticed our new website?
The Streaming Craze
Community Corner
Community Events
Where are my keys, I placed them right here, right?
Did you receive your capital credit check?
Visit us at the fairs!

January Chatter 2019

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Parents: Something to Consider

Scholarship - Youth Tour Information

Tis the Season...Happy New Year

Two South Haven Students Cash In On Art Contest

The Christmas Wrap Up - 2018 Year in Review

December Chatter

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Streaming local channels

KanOkla IT Service...what is "IT"?

#ruralbychoice Realizations of a Returner

Community Events

It's the weekend every day for these folks!

November Chatter 2018

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Tower Hills First Production Sale

Upgrade from Cheney to Garden Plain

Recipes, Decoration Ideas all at your finger tips!

Money from home...

Community Events

Let us set up a monitored router and bump your speed at no cost...just in time for the holidays!

October Chatter 2018

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2018 Tailgate

KanOkla Surfing Tour

2018 Safety Day

Gayla Hudson Retires

KanOkla Internet is Growing!

KanOkla Networks is Committed in Assisting Our Communities

Calendar of Events