There are plenty of broadband providers out there - so you're asking yourself "Why KanOkla?"

In addition to being a local company that's been providing telecommunication services for over 60 years, here's a few additional benefits from selecting KanOkla as your internet service provider:

  •  No bandwidth caps - all of our speed profiles are offered without any form of monthly caps, no limitations, and most importantly, no overage charges.

  •  Competitive rates - with high speed internet service starting as low as $19.95 a month, we make it affordable to drop the dial up and enjoy all the content that's available on the internet.

  •  No usage type fees - many companies charge users based on their classification into a broad "business" or "residential" category. KanOkla doesn't differentiate between the two - we offer rates based solely on maximum speed - not what you're using the service for.

  •  No activation or installation charges on most plans- We want you to experience our service and have tried to remove all the hurdles from you giving us a try. So we waive all installation charges on plans over 1 Mbps.

  •  No equipment to buy - With KanOkla broadband services, we maintain ownership of all the radio equipment at your home or business. This gives you two benefits, first being that you're not required to pay any up-front charges to buy equipment; second, since the equipment belongs to KanOkla, we monitor and take care of it - in the event there are any problems with radio equipment, we replace it at no cost to you.

  •  Full time employee installers - In addition to being a group of some of the friendliest people around, our team of broadband technicians are full time employees of the company. We don't contract out installers that aren't familiar with our network - our team has been with the company for years and know KanOkla's dedication to customer service.

  •  Retail products available - KanOkla also operates a retail technology store in downtown Caldwell, Kansas and as such, we have a wide range of wireless routers, network cards, and computer gear that our installers can deliver when you get connected to the KanOkla network.

What Our Customers Say -

Everyone we talk to at KanOkla was very helpful, courteous, kind and we switched. The tech came out was here when he said, very nice, talked the whole time to my husband, who is very picky how things are done, the tech told him everything he was doing and he was happy about the instillation. Didn't take long. Very happy and alo saved us money and got a faster speed. Now we both can be on our laptops and watch a movie without buffering, WOW. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for YOUR SERVICE, TECS, AND ALL INVOLED!

C. Hahn

The customer service and the technician were very friendly. I have only been a customer for 5 days, but am very pleased so far. Much better than my previous internet provider.

M. Budde