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120 health care workers die from Ebola

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 1:09am
One hundred and twenty health care workers have died in the Ebola outbreak, and twice that number have been infected, the World Health Organization said.
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Marco Rubio heals wounds in S.C.

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 12:46am
Marco Rubio came to South Carolina this week hoping to win over the kind of conservative hardliners who turned on him last year as the Senate immigration reform bill he sponsored hit a roadblock in the Republican-controlled House.
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Prisoners moved after deadly riots

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 12:44am
Brazilian authorities say they have begun transferring inmates from a prison in the southern city of Cascavel after riots inside turned deadly -- with two inmates decapitated and two thrown off the roof of a cell block.
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Tons of tainted chicken feet seized

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 12:32am
In the latest stomach-churning food scandal to hit China, police have seized 30,000 tons of tainted chicken feet.
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New audio of Michael Brown shooting?

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 11:44pm
Could a newly released audio give more clues on what led up to Michael Brown's shooting death?
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5 clues from execution video

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 11:08pm
A forensics expert says there appear to be two militants in the shocking video of James Foley being beheaded.
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Photos: The winners

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 11:03pm
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Primetime Emmys Fast Facts

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 10:25pm
Here's a look at what you need to know about the Primetime Emmy Awards.
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Great white shark spotted; beach clears

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 9:41pm
More than 1,000 people were pulled out of the water and off the beach Monday after a great white shark was spotted off the coast of Duxbury, Massachusetts.
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ISIS still has momentum -- for now

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 8:59pm
Surprise, mobility and the merciless treatment of opponents: the blueprint of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq as it has gobbled up territory in both Syria and Iraq over the past few months. But as its adversaries regroup, ISIS -- which now calls itself the Islamic State -- may begin to suffer setbacks on the battlefield, according to a new analysis of its capabilities and tactics.
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Drone's eye view of quake damage

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 8:30pm
See a drone's eye view of the aftermath of the 6.0 Napa earthquake.
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Freed American's mom wanted proof

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:50pm
Nancy Curtis said she wanted proof her son, Peter Theo Curtis, was still alive after being held captive almost two years by Islamist rebels in Syria, she told "ABC World News Tonight."
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'Modern Family' gets fast start

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:37pm
The stars at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards may want to ponder the kinds of characters up for the top awards.
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What the stars are wearing to the Emmys

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:30pm
It's television's biggest night -- and the stars are dazzling. See what TV notables decided to wear to the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards
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Young Jeezy arrested after shooting

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:26pm
Famed hip-hop rapper Jay Jenkins, known as "Young Jeezy," was arrested on Sunday in relation to a deadly shooting at a Wiz Khalifa concert, police said.
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The winners list

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:13pm
The winners are noted with an asterisk (* WINNER):
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A eulogy for Michael Brown

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 7:05pm
Tears were shed as thousands gathered to celebrate the life of Michael Brown.
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Inmates decapitated in prison riot

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 6:23pm
A prison riot turned deadly in the southern Brazilian city of Cascavel when rioters killed at least four fellow inmates, according to police in Brazil.
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Former FBI director in car crash

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 6:21pm
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was hospitalized after a car accident in Vermont, a U.S. law enforcement official told CNN.
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Squiggly highway lines snarl traffic

CNN Top Stories - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 4:49pm
Read between the lines -- but be careful if those lines are on a Virginia highway.
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