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Albright: Trump, Putin 'on the same page'

CNN Politics - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:26
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Wednesday that leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee were almost certainly perpetrated by the Russians and charged Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are "on the same page."
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Suicide bombing kills dozens in Syria

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:25
A suicide bombing killed 48 people, including women and children, Wednesday in northern Syria, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
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KSN Threat Tracker for Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:21

7:45AM A few stray storms are possible early this morning, otherwise we are off to a mild and slightly humid morning. Seasonal temps will continue today. We will have a chance of a few showers and storms today mainly in NC and NW Kansas.

6:45AM Highs today will top out in the low 90’s. Not cool but certainly not too unpleasant either.

4:30AM Tracking a few non-severe storms in NC and W KS this morning. CLICK HERE to get a look at your live local radar.

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Elizabeth Banks puts together 'Fight Song' for Hillary Clinton

CNN Politics - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:12
Hillary Clinton officially has a "Fight Song."
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Actor Roger Moore ‘heartbroken’ over death of stepdaughter

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:10

Roger Moore has announced the death of his stepdaughter, Christina Knudsen.

The 88-year-old former James Bond actor says on social media and his official website that Knudsen died at age 47 Monday following a battle with cancer. The announcements don’t say where Knudsen died.

Moore says on Twitter that “we were all with her, surrounding her with love, at the end.” He adds “we are heartbroken.”

The half-Danish, half-Swedish Knudsen was the daughter of Moore’s wife, Kristina Tholstrup.

The longtime London resident worked in interior design and property development and opened a private social club for singles in 2014.

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Powerball’s estimated jackpot hits $422 million

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:08

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The estimated Powerball jackpot has soared to $422 million thanks to nearly three months without a winner of the big prize.

If anyone matches the five balls and red Powerball in Wednesday night’s drawing, it will be the game’s first jackpot winner since May 7.

A jackpot winner could opt for a $422 million annuity paid out over 29 years or a $291 million lump sum. The prize would rank as the nation’s 11th largest.

The chance of winning Powerball is incredibly small, at 292.2 million-to-1. But players have much better odds, of about 1 in 25, of winning smaller prizes ranging from $4 to $1 million.

The big Powerball prize comes less than three weeks after a player in Indiana won a $536 million Mega Millions jackpot.

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Albright: Trump presidency would be gift to Putin

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:07
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says a Donald Trump presidency would be "a gift to Vladmir Putin," claiming that Trump's rhetoric aligns with Putin's attempts to "disrupt Europe."
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Americans wary of gene-editing, brain chips

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:07
Designer babies, brain-boosting chips and "superhuman" synthetic blood may sound like science fiction, but due to advances in biomedical technologies, they could soon be a reality.
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Olympian: Doping scandal 'will taint everything we see' in Rio

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:56
More than half the planet tuned in to watch the last Olympics in London in 2012, with as many as 3.6 billion people apparently turning on their TV sets.
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A Mr. and Mrs. President?

CNN Politics - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:54
If Hillary Clinton gets elected, what would we call a husband and wife who are both presidents? Gloria Borger posed the question to some leading Democrats.
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Opinion: Could Pokemon Go save a city's economy?

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:43
Twenty miles away from the demilitarized zone with North Korea lies the seaside town of Sokcho, South Korea. It's a kind of boom town, with a fresh influx of both tourism and industry.
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Gunman gets shot by Pokemon Go player he tried to rob

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:36

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A gunman and his underage driver tried to rob a group of people playing the popular Pokemon Go game, triggering a shootout after one of the players pulled out his own weapon at a Las Vegas park that has become a hot spot for virtual creature hunting.

The incident early Monday marked the latest illustration of unintended consequences in everyday life due to the booming popularity of the GPS-powered “augmented reality” game.

Las Vegas police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said the shooting left a Pokemon player and the would-be armed robber hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Charges are expected against both that suspect and the juvenile who was driving the SUV.

Shortly after 4 a.m., a group of six people were at a public park east of downtown playing the popular smartphone game, which sends players to physical locations to “catch” virtual Pokemon characters.

Police said an armed man and the young driver drove up to the group in an SUV and demanded their possessions at gunpoint. One of the Pokemon players who has a concealed weapons permit drew his own gun and the two sides exchanged fire.

One person in the Pokemon group was shot once in the stomach and taken to the hospital. Meltzer said it’s unclear if that person shot is also the player who had his own gun but that the group of local players knew each other.

The man believed to be the suspect also was treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound. How he got to the hospital is not clear, but a matching SUV was found there.

Facebook users in a few Pokemon Go groups have suggested the location of the shooting, Gary Reese Freedom Park, as a hotspot for a particular kind of pocket monster known as Magikarp. In postings about nearby parks that are good places to catch specific kinds of Pokemon, the park is noted as a good place to collect the fish-like creature.

Police haven’t cited a motive or said if the Pokemon players were targeted.

But this isn’t the first report of suspects trying to rob people engrossed in the hugely-popular Pokemon Go game. Four teens in St. Louis robbed victims earlier this month after luring them to a specific location using Pokemon Go.


Associated Press writer Samantha Shotzbarger contributed from Phoenix.


Follow Sally Ho at twitter.com/_sallyho. Her work can be found at http://bigstory.ap.org/journalist/sally-ho

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Opinion: Will his best effort help her?

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:25
Traditionally, the spouses of major-party nominees get a speaking slot at the national convention to humanize the candidate. Former presidents speak to remind the faithful of their history. Bill Clinton falls into both categories, but he had a far more difficult task in closing out the second night of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night; he needed to find a way to knit the party back together again.
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New 'Notebook Air' looks an awful lot like a MacBook

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:24
Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi has unveiled its first-ever laptop -- a sleek machine with solid performance specs and an attractive price.
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One dead in morning apartment fire

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:11

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – One person has died after an apartment fire in southeast Wichita.

Fire crews were initially called out to an apartment fire in the 9200 block of East Harry, near Harry and Webb, after a maintenance person first smelled smoke.

When fire crews arrived, they did not find an obvious fire, so they had to go searching through the Buttonwood Tree Apartment complex.

“They exited their rigs and started walking through the courtyards located the apartment from the ground, redirected and was able to initiate the fire attack,” said Battalion Chief Matt Bowen, Wichita Fire Department.

Investigators are still determining what caused the fire and have not yet identified the victim. The coroner is also on scene to begin the investigation into the cause of death.

Several neighbors in the area said they smelled smoke and came out to see what was going on.

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Navy to China: We'll continue operations in S. China Sea

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:07
The U.S. will continue freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, a senior Navy officer says, as the region continues to react to a landmark Hague ruling on territorial claims in the disputed waters.
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Inside Tesla's huge Gigafactory

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:05
Out in the desert, just off Electric Avenue east of Sparks, Nevada, over 1,000 workers are building what will be the largest building in the world in terms of its footprint over the ground.
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Unity push pulls in Kansas backers for Sanders, but not all

KSN - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 07:05

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – A push for unity behind Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders is pulling his Kansas delegates at the Democratic National Convention into her camp, though not all of them.

The state’s delegation on Tuesday cast only 14 of its 37 votes for Clinton. It cast 23 votes for Sanders, in line with the results of state’s presidential caucuses in March.

Sanders delegate Sage TeBeest of Wamego said she is now “reinvigorated to continue the revolution.” She texted from the convention in Philadelphia that she is supporting Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

But Julie Perry, a Sanders delegate from Mission, said she’s not going to lower her expectations for real change and Clinton still must earn her vote. The registered nurse said she’ll continue fighting for universal health care coverage.

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Trump backs $10 min. wage

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 06:59
Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would support raising the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour, a departure from his previous assertion that wages are "too high."
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Trump says he'd support $10 minimum wage

CNN Politics - Wed, 07/27/2016 - 06:59
Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would support raising the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour, a departure from his previous assertion that wages are "too high."
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