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Turtle predicts World Cup winner

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 5:13am
A turtle named "Big Head" recently made his selection for who will win the World Cup. Find out who he picked.
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Flying their team colors

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 5:10am
They may have a silly name and be 750-1 against to win the tournament, but Australia's "Socceroos" were Team Keen on May 28, arriving first for the Brazil World Cup in a specially designed Qantas jet marked with the team logo.
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Las Vegas rampage

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 4:53am
Authorities had three previous encounters with Jerad and Amanda Miller this year, including one instance days before the couple went on a shooting rampage in Las Vegas.
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Hagel: We could have done better

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 4:51am
It was perhaps the most contentious moment during a House Armed Services Committee hearing filled with them.
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Happy 90th to Bush 41

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 4:40am
Former President George H.W. Bush plans to celebrate his 90th birthday in Maine on Thursday night with a dinner for 200 family and friends, topped off with a performance by Irish tenor Ronan Tynan.
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Kim Jong Un: Get weather forecast right

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 4:40am
Don't you hate it when the weatherman gets it wrong? Apparently, so does Kim Jong Un.
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Terror group building Islamic State?

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 4:12am
The ISIS: Its origins, aim, strategy and more
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Priest killed, 1 critical in church shooting

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 3:05am
A shooting at a Catholic church in Phoenix left one priest dead and another one in critical condition, authorities said early Thursday.
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Declassified: Nuke nearly wiped out N.C.

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 2:52am
On a January night in 1961, a U.S. Air Force bomber broke in half while flying over North Carolina. From the belly of the B-52 fell two bombs -- two nuclear bombs that hit the ground near the city of Goldsboro.
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Iraq attacks

CNN Top Stories - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 1:52am
U.S.-trained Iraqi forces ran in the face of militants, leaving behind uniforms, weapons and armored vehicles.
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5 things to know for kickoff today

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 06/11/2014 - 11:36pm
The World Cup is upon us, and for the next month, there will be a significant uptick in the number of folks skipping work, watching games in the break room and wildly mispronouncing Eastern European surnames.
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Now or never: Is Brazil ready?

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 06/11/2014 - 11:35pm
With one day to go until the World Cup kicks off, is Brazil ready? CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.
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Dave Chappelle: I didn't quit

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 06/11/2014 - 11:15pm
Dave Chappelle wants to clear up a misconception: He never quit "Chappelle's Show," his hit Comedy Central series.
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Fallen officers

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 06/11/2014 - 10:54pm
The Las Vegas officers killed in a shooting were both family men with young children, who longed to serve.
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Shooter's parents: We don't understand

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 06/11/2014 - 10:52pm
Amanda Miller's parents said they were shocked to find out that their daughter was one of the the Las Vegas shooters.
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