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'Thorn Birds' author dies

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 9:32am
The Australian author of the bestselling novel "The Thorn Birds" has died.
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GOP attacks Clinton on prisoner swap

CNN Politics - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 9:04am
That U.S. Military officials and the intelligence community believe that one of the detainees may have attempted to return to military activity from his current location in Qatar has become a political problem for Hillary Clinton, with the news, reported by CNN, that one has attempted to return to militant activity from his current location in Qatar.
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Jim Webb: Democrats need to focus more on 'white, working people'

CNN Politics - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 9:03am
If Jim Webb had his way, the Democratic Party would return to its "Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson roots" and put a greater focus on "white, working people."
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Dad builds backyard luge track

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 8:22am
A Saskatoon dad has built a luge track in his backyard, and the neighborhood kids are understandably flocking to the site. CBC News has more.
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Police: Shoplifting suspect calls 911 as he flees store

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 7:55am
Police say a shoplifting suspect was fleeing from a Georgia store when he called 911 to report that he was being chased. CNN affiliate WSB reports.
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