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Indiana murder suspect arrested in Wichita

KSN - Mon, 04/04/2016 - 18:35

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) – Police say the suspect in an Evansville murder has been arrested.

According to police, 26-year-old Gerrod Pointer, of Clarksville, TN, was arrested Saturday in Wichita, KS.

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Police say Pointer is accused in the February 13 shooting death of Maurice Heyward.

The shooting happened outside the Lucky Lady on North Main Street. Authorities say surveillance video showed Pointer shoot Heyward then leave in a blue Chevy SUV.

EPD says Wichita police found drugs on Pointer during his arrest so he’s also facing a drug possession charge.

He is currently being held in the Sedgwick County, KS jail.

Wichita Police say they received a call about a man at a local bar being wanted for homicide in Indiana.

Officers confirmed the warrant and looked at Pointer’s picture to know who they were looking for.

Pointer gave a fake name but was positively identified by his tattoos and arrested.

He will be extradited back to Indiana by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department to face murder charges.

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Rehab house proposed for College Hill area stirs controversy

KSN - Mon, 04/04/2016 - 18:24

WICHITA, Kansas – A controversy is underway in the College Hill neighborhood. Oxford House of Kansas, a recovery group helping alcohol and drug addicts get better, wants to put a house in College Hill.

“I like that there’s no businesses in the area, so there is no traffic,” says College Hill resident, Jessica Jones. “I wouldn’t have purchased this house if there’s a sobriety house close simply because there’s a lot of traffic. They’re not permanent residents. They come and they go. It doesn’t have anything to do with who they are, it’s just that it’s not consistent living. It’s not the same person living there.”

Jones says she likes to know who her neighbors are and wonders if a “group home” would be a good fit for College Hill.

An Oxford House spokesman says that group home planned for College Hill will have between six and 16 residents. And, the residents will all be recovering from substance abuse.

“We run into this (controversy) everywhere. We have 2,000 houses worldwide and the majority of those are in the US,” says Matthew Griffin with Oxford House of Kansas. “And we try to get into good neighborhoods. And the stigma that’s attached with addiction is really what puts us with people on edge. They think they’ve got addicts and alcoholics moving in that are going to be using. And that’s just not the case.”

Griffin says those moving into the house have made a commitment to getting better. And those in the house, have to be voted into the recovery house by a majority living there.

“We do extensive interviews with each member that is voted into the house,” says Griffin. “All the members in the house are in recovery and nobody uses. If they do use, they’ve got an hour to get their things together and leave the house.”

Still, at least one person in College Hill, Celia Gorlich, says the house may not be right for College Hill.

“Sometimes College Hill is considered elitist or something like that. But we thought it (Oxford House) was (an) inappropriate use of a single family dwelling,” says College Hill Neighborhood  Association President Gorlich. “Since we can not stop it, let’s get all the facts that we can about it, and then approach it. We want to find out anything negative about these homes. There is one at 18th and Park Place across from Clapp mansion. Neighbors don’t seem to have problems with it. So, let’s work with the owner and find out, are there any laws governing how they will keep the condition of the house?”

KSN checked with the city of Wichita, and found out an Oxford House rehab facility is considered a group home for zoning purposes. Group homes are allowed in any city district allowing single-family dwellings. A quick check by city officials also shows no license is required.

Others in the area say, they welcome the idea of a rehab house next door.

“Drinking is an issue. Drugs are an issue,” says College Hill resident Terry Johnston, who lives across the street. “If there’s a nice house in a good, family oriented neighborhood close to lots of churches, isn’t that the perfect place to get your feet back on the ground?”

Gorlich says she will continue to find out more information about the success of Oxford houses, including recidivism and any problems associated with the homes.

“As I understand and you look at the case history, there is nothing we can do to fight this. I think that people want to preserve the nature of College Hill which is residential,” says Gorlich. “I wanted the facts to empower the neighborhood and the neighbors.”

Gorlich says the neighborhood association will hold a meeting soon to discuss having an Oxford House in College Hill.

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Bridge damaged by excavator in Reno County

KSN - Mon, 04/04/2016 - 14:57

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – The Kansas Highway Patrol is investigating after a tractor-trailer hauling an excavator hit a bridge in Hutchinson Monday. It happened on Highway 50 and K-14.

The excavator was knocked off the trailer. Two girders on the K-14 bridge were badly damaged.

The Hutchinson Fire Department responded for a hydraulic fluid leak where they cleaned up approximately 20 gallons of fluid from the roadway.

Westbound lanes of Highway 50 are closed, and traffic is being detoured. Eastbound lanes are open.

Meanwhile, northbound lanes on the K-14 bridge will be closed until repairs are made.

Gallery: Highway 50 and K-14 bridge damage (Courtesy: KDOT) K-50 & Highway 14 bridge damage (photo courtesy Hutchinson Fire Department) K-50 & Highway 14 bridge damage (photo courtesy Hutchinson Fire Department) K-50 & Highway 14 bridge damage (photo courtesy Hutchinson Fire Department)
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5 surprising facts about Abraham Lincoln

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White House pets

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