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Asia's 'new' martial arts sensation

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 50 min ago
Ignored for decades, Myanmar's traditional boxing form of Lethwei is experiencing a revival.
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ISIS captures 16 villages

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 58 min ago
While ISIS militants keep trying to spread their radical Islamist rule in Syria and Iraq, a slew of U.S. officials are scrambling to find the best way to stop them.
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Space race becomes space war

CNN Top Stories - 3 hours 5 sec ago
Rachel Crane talks with SpaceX's Elon Musk about his company's recent NASA contract and the brewing battle with Boeing.
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Candidate gets personal in ad

CNN Top Stories - 3 hours 7 min ago
Now it's about family. A new heartbreaker television ad from the Democratic candidate looking to wrest Mitch McConnell from his perch atop the Republican Party in the Senate makes Medicare a gut issue.
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Calif. fire 'just out of control'

CNN Top Stories - 4 hours 5 min ago
California's Governor has declared a state of emergency in two counties in the north of the state where wildfires have torched tens of thousands of acres, destroying some homes and threatening others.
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Plot aimed at 'member of public'

CNN Top Stories - 4 hours 44 min ago
Australian authorities disrupted a pending attack "on a member of the public." Sky News Australia's Stan Grant reports.
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CNN Top Stories - 5 hours 45 min ago
As hospitals in nations hardest hit by Ebola struggle to keep up, desperate patients are turning to the black market to buy blood from survivors of the virus, the World Health Organization warned.
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Sending U.S. troops fight Ebola

CNN Top Stories - 5 hours 55 min ago
Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down Pres. Obama's plan to send some 3,000 troops to Liberia to help battle the Ebola outbreak.
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Senator: Ebola as serious as ISIS

CNN Top Stories - 6 hours 3 min ago
While the Obama administration prepares immediate and long-term plans to attack ISIS, Sen. Lamar Alexander warned Tuesday that the deadly Ebola outbreak must be taken "as seriously as we take the threat of ISIS."
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Oil, beheadings: Anatomy of ISIS

CNN Top Stories - 6 hours 9 min ago
Put yourself in the shoes (and sixth-century black robes) of ISIS' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the mysterious boss of the terror group that is striking fear into the hearts of leaders around the world.
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Are these the world's sexiest accents?

CNN Top Stories - 8 hours 14 min ago
The Scots are talking a lot this week -- perhaps you've heard a little something about an independence referendum -- and that makes us happy.
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Clinton acknowledges what we all knew

CNN Top Stories - 8 hours 23 min ago
On officially running for president, Hillary Clinton says in Iowa: "I'm thinking about it." CNN's Briana Keilar reports.
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Hundreds of reporters watch Clintons grill steaks

CNN Top Stories - 8 hours 24 min ago
The Hambycast hits the Harkin Steak Fry and finds a huge media scrum already surrounding Hillary Clinton.
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Scotland's polls open soon

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 11:22pm
Scotland's voters head to the polls Thursday to cast their ballots in the country's landmark independence referendum.
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League faces off-field PR nightmares

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 11:08pm
The bad news kept piling on the National Football League on Wednesday with the arrest of an Arizona Cardinals player.
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Militants planned public execution, PM says

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 11:05pm
Australian authorities disrupted what they described as a pending attack "on a member of the public," part of a sweeping counterterrorism operation that came just days after the country raised its terror alert level to high.
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Anti-terror raids in Australia

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 10:58pm
Members of the Australian Federal Police discuss details of the anti-terror raids they've launched in Sydney and Brisbane.
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Report: Ferguson cop testifies

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 10:24pm
Shortly after being given more time to weigh evidence in black teenager Michael Brown's fatal shooting, a Missouri grand jury heard from the man at the center of it -- Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson -- a local newspaper reported.
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She renovates home to keep pet bobcat

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 9:45pm
A bobcat owner was allowed to take her pet back from the zoo after paying a fine & making safety renovations to her home.
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Man, 93, charged over Auschwitz role

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 9:40pm
German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with being an accessory to murder in at least 300,000 cases while working for the Nazis at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
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